To William Whewell   8 November 1850

Hitcham Hadleigh Suffolk

8 November 1850

My dear Whewell,

I have had to correspond with 2 medical students about the time that would suit them for an examination – & I only received an answer from one of them yesterday. I have settled to examine them on Friday 29 th at 10. A. M. If therefore it would suit you to have the meeting the same day about 2. P. M. [I] could Kill 3 Birds with one stone– (this examination – your meeting & the Ray dinner–) but I propose be in Cambridge the day before & could (if very inconvenient to you to suit me) come on the Wednesday; but I don't like being so long from home at this season of the year, if I can help it– I s d get in by the train at 1:35 on Thursday & could, (If that s d suit) come to you by 2. [or] nearly

so –

Our kind regards to Mrs W & | believe me | very truly y rs | J S Henslow

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