To Leonard Jenyns   November 1851

November 1851

My dear Leonard,

Be so good as to forward the enclosed to Broome, whose address you know and I don't. I am very glad to hear of your wife's improved state of health.

I have a No of the Annals for you and probably more at Cambridge. Shall I send them anywhere?

Yrs affy | J S Henslow

ALS on printed letter

Hitcham, Hadleigh, Suffolk, November 1851.

Dear Sir,

At the last meeting of the British Association, a resolution was passed, called for a report to be prepared against the next meeting in 1852, "On the means of selecting and arranging a series of typical objects illustrative of the three Kingdoms of nature, for Provincial Museums". I am anxious to receive communications from the Members of the Committee, and other Naturalists interested in such a project, that the preparation of this Report may not be delayed, if possible, beyond next March. Would you be so kind as to name to me such one or two objects as you consider it would be most easy to obtain, whether specimens, models. or engravings, as leading TYPES of any of the more important groups in natural history? As some sort of guide to the object in view, I enclose an account of a trifling attempt at commencing an ''instructive series'' (to the public) for Geology, in the Ipswich Museum, which has since been carried down to the bottom of the secondary rocks, so far as the very scanty materials at our disposal have admitted. An improvement on the original plan has been adopted, viz. of arranging the materials selected for illustration under three groups to each geological period. The first includes illustrations of the rocks and other minerals, the second of the Flora. (including specimens of Lignites, &c.) and the third of the Fauna. By means of numerous wood-cuts, the prominent objects noticeable in each of the main divisions of the animal and vegetable kingdoms are also exposed, and thus no important gaps are left in the sequence.

Believe me, | Faithfully Yours, | J S Henslow

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