From Edward Charlesworth   11 November 1842

Cathedral Coffeehouse | St Pauls

11 November 1842

Dear Sir,

Since last I saw you my whole time and thoughts here have been occupied in ne the preparations for the approaching struggle at the Geological Society –

I suppose you have had the Council Resolutions, which to my own amazement and that of everybody else were publicly read by Mr Murchison at the Society Meeting of Nov 2nd–

I think the Document altogether is the most irregular and mysterious of its kind that I n ever heard said by so enlightened a body of Men as the Council of the Geological Society– What could induce them to put anything in about motives? It makes the necessity for the Special Meeting far greater than ever– I know not when it will take place but I suppose in five weeks from this time. The Council have no Candidate to put up against me, and if they succeed in throwing me out to gratify the interested resentment of Buckland and Owen, I am afraid there will be Split in the Society which will be attended with most unfortunate Results– I am right about the Norwich fossil jaws – They are ceroine and not Anoplotherian yet Owen has taken no notice in either the Athaneum or Gazette– Mr Woodward put the Question to him at the Geological the other night and he declined answering, but I find that he has written to correct his blunder in the Proceedings of the Brit. Association Report.

Believe me to be dear Sir | yours truly & sinc | Edw Charlesworth

Two printed enclosures pasted inside letter:

1stletter dated October 17, 1842: Submission to Secretary of Geological Society

2ndletter dated November 7 1842: General letter from Edward Charlesworth

85b A further loose enclosure, notice entitled “Just published, No 1 of the London Geological Journal etc…” dated October 10 th, 1846

Please cite as “HENSLOW-320,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 22 May 2022,