From Leonard Jenyns   11 August 1846

Swaffham Bulbeck

11 August 1846

Dear Henslow

I write a very hurried note just to say, that my little vol. which has been so unreasonably long in the printers hand, will be ready, I expect, for publication within the end of this week, or some day during the next.– Do not buy a copy, as I will of course send you one, though it must wait for a conveyance, and may not get to you directly.

My wife & myself are off for Gloucestershire next week where we remain a fortnight with her family, and then all go together to the I. of Wight, where I shall be at the time of the Southampton meeting, and can easily join it. Have you any idea of being present – I hope you have.–

We are delighted to hear of Harriet’s safe journey to Brighton, and of her being so decidedly improved in health. I wish she may remain long enough there, to come back to Hitcham quite another person.– Will you give the few lines on the other side to Fanny.

Yrs affly | L. Jenyns

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