From Leonard Jenyns   6 January 1847

Swaffham Bulb.[eck]

6 January 1847

My dear Henslow,

I must not begin without offering my condolence in respect of the severe blow loss you have recently sustained, and which I fear will be very much felt not by yourself only, but by all the other members of your family: I hope, however, you are partially recovered from the first shock, which must have been increased by the somewhat sudden manner in which your brother seems to have been taken off.–

With this I send you a copy of Van Voorst’s Naturalists Almanack, which I edited for this year at his request, and according to the plan he desired – in a great measure. But I am not sure that he will continue it, – still less that I shall continue to be its Editor if he do; as he gave me but £5 for my trouble in this instance, – and I found it much more trouble than I wish to undertake again for so small a sum.– Were you to engage in such a matter yourself, looking to the nature of the publication, which is indeed a trifling one, – would you feel scruple in asking for £10 as a remuneration? – I ask this merely in guidance to myself, if I take it in hand, – (as I think I should not do under that sum) – another year. –

If I continue to do it, – I consider very probably the plan of it may be a little altered, – and the whole somewhat enlarged so as to contain more matter generally useful to Naturalists. – I should be glad, therefore, of any hints you can give for its improvement, – if you will make a note of what may happen to strike you when you look it over. – Mark down, especially, any heads of information which you think ought to find a permanent place, (altered only from year to year as circumstances may demand) in an Almanack for Naturalists. Mr Van Voorst’s idea is, & I think he is right there, that it need not contain all the usual matter given in Almanacks in general, – but should be, as it were, supplemental to the others, – & confined in a great measure to the immediate subject of Nat. Hist., – and N. Hist. meetings, Museums & Phenomena.–

I shall I expect, be going to London early in February, when I shall confer with Mr V. Voorst, & come to some definite decision respecting it: – perhaps before then, you can, at your leisure moments, look over the Almanack in its present form, and give your opinion.–

I hope Harriet is going on well, and all the sick ones, of which you seem to have had several in the house lately. – My love, with a happy new year, to them all.–

And believe me, | yours affect ly, | L. Jenyns

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