To Leonard Jenyns   4 October 1826

4 October 1826

Dear Leonard

You will find the minute ciliated helix [Drawing] at the bottom of the pill box in your tin case. It seems to me very curious – perhaps the one you mentioned as found near Dartford. The Acori are in the bottle of spirits with a few minute butterfs. which were in the Madingley moss. Turn them all into a saucer, and be careful in searching for the Acori as some are very minute and the Spirits rather muddy. Be careful also in opening the pill box, where you will likewise find a little hairy insect with long horny jaws, which I found crawling on my writing paper one day [drawing]. I am drawing the Peziza. Query (?] if it may not turn out a young specimen of the large one I found in the plantations last year.

Yrs ever | J S Henslow

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