From Richard Dawes   21 January [1850-1857]


21 January 18??

My dear Henslow

There would be no necessity to apply at once to the Com. Of Council until your arrangements were made but I see your population is above 1000— surely you might by means of a capitation tax or even without it maintain a school under a Master: I am quite shocked at your thinking not & it convinces me that you have not turned your thoughts into this channel.

To apply to the Home & Colonial about a School-mistress you might address to Rev. d J. Evans Chaplain in the Secretary, Home & Colonial Grays Inn Road giving all particulars—salary &c. or to the Rev. d Baber Chaplain, Training Institution Whitelands, Chelsea: you might write to both:

I don’t think a minute of Council would ever be so modified as to help a mixed school under a mistress where it is the only school in a village of so large a population as yours & I am quite convinced if you would only set about it, you would set up a good [illeg] under a Master at no great expense beyond what the other would be— even here in Hereford we think that such Schools ought to be attempted in the large Parishes.

Any help or instruction I can give you, I shall gladly do so:

I am very glad to hear of your being better & I hope you & yours are now all well[.] Pray remember me kindly to M rs Henslow & with the kind regards of M rs Dawes & myself

Believe me | my dear Henslow | very sincerely yours | RDawes

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