To Leonard Jenyns   12 June 1857


My dear Leonard,

I will examine the carex before long, and let you know my opinion. I am sure the Ipswich Mus. will be very glad of the Eggs, and so will their President of the useful stow-boxes! If the whole cargo is enclosed in a packing case and forwarded by rail, addressed to me Museum Ipswich, you need not think of paying the carriage. It will arrive very readily as I know by 2 chests similarly started last week from Bristol. I shall be very glad to have you here, and we will visit the Museum together. I was there on Tuesday with Dr. Sinclair (a friend of Hooker's) who staid with us 3 or 4 days. He has been 13 years in New Zealand – fond of collecting and giving away his collected specimens. He gave me last autumn the skin of an Apteryx and some other things of interest. The Crania you name will be well taken care of. There is no fault to be found in this respect. Every thing is well kept and clean. You should state on the labels that these are the authentic specimens described by you. It will make them more interesting and valuable. I don't recollect about Ray's catalogue. But when I go to Cambridge I will search. I have made a mem. of this in my pocket book. Harriet left us yesterday for Cambridge, and Fanny goes tomorrow, returning in July. We are pretty well – the exceptions being that I and Louise have had coughs for 2 months and Anne has a swelling on her wrist which requires bandaging.

I Hope Mrs. L. J. is as well as her delicate health admits. My kind regards to her–

Ever affy yrs | J S Henslow

I am in mourning for Uncle Ed. Henslow who died at Northfleet 2 or 3 weeks ago.

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