From W. Brougham   Tuesday



My d. Hlow

Put me down as a plumper for Ld. P. unless any change of candidate takes place. But agt. Bankes & Goulbourn & the atty. I certainly vote for Ld. P. alone.

Duckworth does the same

Moodie Do

Carter (M.P.for Portsmouth) Do.

Sir Gregory Lewin Do

John Lefevre won't vote at all

between ourselves I fear our friend Lefevre is actuated by motives wch. the world might call selfish I don't think he likes to offend an attygenl. & future chanc.

Bickersteth has told Duckworth he will plump for LdP but as I have not communicated with him, I can't say for certain. I believe Amos will give LdP one vote. Calvert will do the same if he votes at all.

Thos. Ellis late fellow of Trin plumps for LdP at least Lewin told me so. I have not spoken with him myself. Wm Marshall of St Johns does not vote at all. George Hibbert Do.

yrs W.B.

Added (from W.Brougham 20th Decr1825)

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