From Lord Palmerston   16 January


16 January

My dear Sir

I have written to Sir Ed. Knatchbull & have asked Mr Lushington of the Treasury to do so too but you had better have him applied to also through the channel you allude to. I have written to Lord Darnley. The Revd Richd Cockburn of Boaley is no relation of Sir George, but is a connection of Mrs Huchisson & Mr Huchisson has told me that he will be answerable for his vote. I sent Ld Bristol the Suffolk list and he has been writing to everybody he knows.

The direction given in my list for the Revnd S. Deare was Buntingford instead of Rochester I have therefore send him a second letter to the proper direction explaining why I had not done so before.

This is all with reference to your letter of the eleventh inst which I ought sooner to have answered.

My dear Sir

yrs sincerely


I have applied to Lord George Cavendish for the Revnd Mr Grace not Grice of Pembroke and the the Revnd Mr Capper of St Johns as suggested in your letter of the 12th. but I find no such name as Matthews of Jesus either in my manuscript book or in the Index or College List in the Printed Calendar. I am inclined to think it must have been a mistake for Malthus the professor of the E. I. Coll [East India Company College] and if so I have him already.

I have applied to Ld Darlington for the Revnd G. Ward of Triny and I have put into the Courier a Paragraph contradicting the reports that I do not mean to come to a Poll.

I find no such name as Kelson nor anything resembling it in the Sidney List either manuscript or printed & no such name appears in the General Index to the Calendar I shall therefore not write to Ld Delewarr about him till I hear again from you lest there should have been a mistake in the name.

Please cite as “HENSLOW-792,” in Ɛpsilon: The Correspondence of John Stevens Henslow accessed on 21 September 2021,