From A. Carrighan   Jany. 16 1826

4 Haymarket

Jany.16 1826

Dear Henslow

Ld Palmerston will send you the names he has received during the past two days. I will therefore confine myself to three that have been sent or given to myself.

Edmund Antrobus, Joh. A. B.

Case Jeven now a promise, W. H.

E. S. Abdy, Jes. W. H.

We at last assembled in the rooms I told you I had recommended to Lord Palmerston and though the day is very unfavourable, we have mustered pretty well. Both the Grants are here and making themselves very useful. Roberts has brought three votes, which will be in Palmerston's list. He also says that he shall not give a 2nd vote till P. is safe. Tell this to the Master with my respects. If he (R. Grant) gives a 2nd vote it will not be, as we were told, for Goulborn, but for Copley.

Watson is very hearty in the cause and we have hopes of John Carr.

Adieu - remembrances to all our friends - ever yrs A. Carrighan

Don't be down-hearted, nor imagine the noble Lord is inert - it is not so now.

I sent to Lodge and also to Pearson to tell them of the opening of this room, but neither of them have made show. Welch is here & Simons - also Lavalette - Benson, who has no vote.

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