From Lord Palmerston   19 Jany 1826

4 Haymarket

19 Jany 1826

My dear Sir

I cannot send you a very brilliant list to add to our promises, having only Sir Sandford Graham & Wm Henry Place (illeg) both of Trinity as promises. But I have to strike out the name of Luke Ripley of St Johns who writes to me today to say that he sent me his promise under the impression that I was an anti Catholic & that having discovered his mistake he begs to have his vote withdrawn. We are working away at our letters and hope to have success with our Country Friends. Sir Thos. Acland gives me hopes of four or five this morning but none that I can book as yet. Shadwell has promised to attend here but is prevented from doing so today by legal occupations. Mr Birch answers your queries as follows.

Revd. Wm. Jones is St. Johns

Revd I. Owen - is not a Cantab he is a Gresham Lecturer

Revd. Antrobus; name is Wm.

My dear Sir

Yrs very sincerely Palmerston

I believe I have omitted to report the vote of Dr (Illeg) of Emml. and Charles Grant has just sent us that of Malden of Triny.

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