To Joseph Hooker 14 March 1860


14 March 1860

My dear Joseph

Let me have the best of each vis

Java - 16.10.0

374 Borneo - 7.


this cuts a hole into the 30£ for the current year - but I generally contrive much to exceed my Museum allowance. C. Doorne shall poison & glue them all forthwith. We get on very steadily together with what I have at Hitcham, & Barnard is now arranging the Lemannian specimens. When your Genera come out they can easily be re-adapted. There were talking at Cambridge about accumulating resources - & having money in hand - & hoping some (?) to set to work about Museums etc. Two or three pamphlets had appeared more or less in favour of the new scheme of degrees for Nat.S.Tripos. Grave's other [Illeg] appears to have got over its difficulties. Mr Leathes (his Law) had 1207 Trees mostly fine ones blown down at Herringfleet!

Yrs affy

J. S. Henslow

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