From Iwanne Müller1    9 April 1841

Tonning2 9th Ap. 1841.

Dear Brother

Uncle is wild that you are not coming. You need not think that he will go and ask for you. He did wish you present when he settled with the Authorities. And Auntie is surprised that you are not more curious about it. The boats are not damaged as not used during ice.

Do not think that we are going to be asked whether we are going to keep Ferries or furniture. Uncle says the law particularly stipulates Juniors3 are not to have any positions.

A year hence Uncle will most likely line (?)4 the ferries, and our things will be sold. Clara will go to the Mertens and Bertha and I can see how we can do something for ourselves. How long Bertha will stay in Hamburg or with whom she will stay — nothing has been fixed.

You say I should not go to too much entertainment. If I could get out as much as you I would be glad. One never gets out except to Church. If I go out once in six months to Gretchen Peers or Sophie Weber — I have practically no other pleasure but a ball and a Concert. After this I suppose I have to renounce everything!

When Uncle didn't want me to go Gretchen Peers invited me to go with her as he wouldn't consent to that Karl Weber went to Uncle, but it was no use. After this I am not going to try any more as I have hitherto. I am going to ask definitely once, and if he says "no" will not ask again, and do not care if I have to stay home.

We are so careful of our things, but have to be dressed properly to appear as nicely brought up girls.

I suppose you have hardly worn the Olive (?blue) waistcoat since in Husum on account of mourning? But surely could have last 6 months. Mertens are not to have the trousers (?) We can still use them — let them buy for their own.

We are not getting any linen, if there is an auction, things will only cost half as much.

Anderson has not paid anything so how can I tell you how much of our money Uncle has.

We have not used any ointment because Clara's foot is better. Auntie did not use the drops.

Perhaps you thought it your duty to write such a letter5 but Bertha and I could hardly believe our eyes when we read it.

Bertha thanks you for congratulations to her Confirmation. Good bye now.

Love from

Your sister

Iwanne Muller.

Letter not found. The text used here was 'Translated in Sydney from the German', and placed in Louise Wehl's scrap-book.
translator's query—all question marks in parentheses in this letter belong to the translator.
Letter not found.

Please cite as “FVM-41-04-09,” in Correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller, edited by R.W. Home, Thomas A. Darragh, A.M. Lucas, Sara Maroske, D.M. Sinkora, J.H. Voigt and Monika Wells accessed on 30 November 2023,