From Iwanne Müller1    1842

Letter of no date:2

My dear Brother!

We are dressed up because Gretchen Peers announced that she was coming and the coachman will take our letters. We cannot send the clothes to Husum without sending a few lines with them.

Yesterday an entertainment was given by the Tyrol till 12 o'clock, 6 ladies danced. Except the two Uncles3 no one was there from us. Is it also like that in Husum?

Your Sister Iwanne.


P.S. Bertha has already a hat and sword like a cheese knife — Bertha is very glad. She will write another time.


Letter not found. The text used here was 'Translated in Sydney from the German', and placed in Louise Wehl's scrap-book.
The letter was written between Easter19 April 1840, when M was apprenticed in Husum and 2 February 1845, the date of Iwanne's death. The translation was inserted in the scrap-bookbetween Iwanne's letters to M dated 8 October 1841 and 13 January 1842, and has been dated on that basis.
Johann Ferdinand Mertens and Theodor Müller?

Please cite as “FVM-42-00-00,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 5 May 2021,