From Charles Stuart1    April 1852

[Melbourne, April 1852]2

Dear Sir,

I hasten to give you a short reply to your two last letters3 and to inform you that I am just about two hours since arrived in Melbourne and as there is a vessell just sailing for Adelaide I thought I would take the opportunity of letting you know where I am, you have no doubt been anxiously expecting to hear from me & I had written part of a letter before leaving Hobarton, but being uncertain where I should be I had not put in the post, in fact I have been so unsettled lately that I could give you no account of my address — this place seems very flourishing from what I see in the few hours I have been here, but nothing I think in my line, I am not able to go to the diggings for want of means & shall therefore endeavour to obtain some employment here for a time — in fact untill I see you, which meeting I anticipate with much pleasure so do please write to me as soon as you receive this, I have a box of specimens for you but unfortunately I cannot get them from the hold of the vessel in time to send by this conveyance

I just write this in much haste being determined to put you out of suspense respecting me so you will excuse my speaking on botanical matters but long to see you when I anticipate much pleasure & think that I have many specimens that will please you, the result of my late imperfect researches, some I believe new, others rare from South Port, Recherche Bay4 &c — I have just now about 5/. in my pocket so must look out for something to recruit my finances being a stranger here — I feel highly flattered and honoured by the eminent distinction you have procured me5 & believe me that I shall when circumstances permit resume our favorite pursuit with fresh ardour

In the meantime I beg you to write to me to say when I may expect you here & I will not leave, you will perceive by this that I am very unsettled — I must close this short letter as the mail is just closing I must run to the Post office

& so remain as ever

Yours truly

Charles Stuart


direct to me to the care of Mr Thos Dudley, 87 Great Collins [St]6 Melbourne near the Market

MS envelope front: 'Dr F Müller | care of | Messrs Büttner & Heuzenroeder | Chemists & Druggists | Rundle Street | Adelaide'. Front post-marked GPO, South Australia, 16 April 1852.
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M named two plants for Stuart in B53.14.02: Helipterum stuartianum and Polychalymma stuartii. Stuart may have been referring to one or both of them in this letter. H. stuartianum was named from a specimen collected by Stuart along the Murray River. P. stuartii was also named from a specimen collected by the Murray River.
editorial addition — MS damaged.

Please cite as “FVM-52-04-00,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 6 December 2021,