To Charles La Trobe   14 March 1854

Bushy park,1 14 March 1854.


According to your Excellency’s former permission, I took the liberty of forwarding the botanical collections, which I formed in the Snowy mountains and latterly in the eastern parts of Gipps land, to the Police Magistrate at Alberton,2 whom I desired to forward them to your Excellency.

The collections from the Grampians have been partly despatched by the mail to the Postmaster in Geelong,3 and partly through Mr Commissioner Bell to Melbourne; and the Murray plants I had an opportunity of sending to the botanic Garden. The herbarium from this environs will also pass through Mr Capt. Careys4 hands.

If my progress is not interrupted by unforseen obstacles, I hope to increase during my next excursions to Mount Wellington and some other outskirts of the Australian alps my collections from this season to nearly 600 species, which, added to about 1000 phanerogamic and 200 cryptogamic plants of last year, would leave hardly more than 200 Victoria plants undiscovered, presuming that this colony possesses about 2000 really indigenous and well marked species.

As your Excellency might have possibly departed from Melbourne before my travels ended, I feel it my duty at this opportunity to express to your Excellency my deepest gratitude for so many signs of benevolence and favour, and for the unceasing interest and patronage, which you, Sir, evinced towards my department and my humble labours.

I have the honor to be,

your Excellency's

most obedient and humblest servant

Ferd. Mueller.


His Excellency Governor La Trobe,

&c &c &c


Angus McMillan’s property.
John Carey.
William Thacker.
Robert Carey.

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