From John Moore   20 October 1854

20th October 1854


In reply to your letter of the 9th Instant1 I am directed by the Lieutenant Governor to inform you that the Hon the Auditor General has been instructed to prepare a warrant in your favor for the Sum of one hundred and fifty pounds £150 to defray the expenses of your tour to the Alpine Ranges2

HE3 further directs me to state that at his leisure it is his intention to examine the whole subject carefully


J Moore


The Government Botanist4

M to J. Foster, 9 October 1854.
Moore instructed the Auditor General to issue a warrant for £150 in M's favour to defray the expenses of his proposed tour of the Alps (No. 1944, unit 2, p. 552, VPRS 3208, PROV).
His Excellency.
See also M to J. Foster, 22 October 1854.

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