From Augustus Gregory   11 May 1855

6 Hunter Street

Sydney 11 May 1855.

Dr F Mueller

&c &c &c


Sir —

I have been informed by Dr Harvey that you are desirous to accompany the Expedition preparing for the exploration of Northern Australia, in the capacity of Botanist should that appointment become vacant by its nonacceptance by Mr Drummond who has been selected by the Home Government.

Although through private channels I have been informed that Mr Drummond has declined to accompany the expedition yet I have not yet received any official intimation of the fact, nor am I acquainted with the arrangements which may have already been made by the Imperial Government to meet such a contingency. But as it is possible that the situation may be filled up in Australia I have to obviate the inconvenience which might arise from delaying until authorized to make the appointment here, been induced to request you to communicate your views regarding emolument &c in order that your application may be taken into immediate consideration should I be empowered to fill the appointment.

Should there be any points on which you are desirous of obtaining information with regard to the contemplated expedition I shall be happy to afford it as far as lays in my power.

(Signed) A. C. Gregory.


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