To Miles Berkeley   16 November 1857

Melbourne bot Garden

16 Nov. 1857

My dear Reverend Sir.

Previous to my wanderings with Mr Gregory I had the pleasure of forwarding to you a parcel with fungi, which you were kind enough to promise to revise.1 I feel sure to be intrusive, when I remind you of your promise, no doubt your manyfold other duties and so much work on more valuable mycological collections having rendered my specimens of little value to you in your labours.

In charge of a public collection of plants, I have repeatedly been requested to exhibit some of the native fungi, but nothing being left here, I am unable to comply, until you kindfully return the specimens.

I require however of every species only 1 specimen back, and of such new ones as are unique none provided I receive a figure of them, to be inserted instead of the original specimen into the collection. If you wish me, to watch for or observe anything of fungi, please let me know your commands.

With my greatest veneration

your obedient

Ferd. Mueller


Rev Mr Berkeley. F. L. S. &c &c

See M to W. Hooker, 9 May 1855. No letter containing Berkeley's promise to describe the fungi has been found.

Please cite as “FVM-57-11-16,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 19 September 2021,