To John O'Shanassy   20 March 1858

Melbourne bot. Gardens

20.1 March 1858.


I have the honor of transmitting to you a communication from the office of public works, suggesting, that the costs for six glass propagating frames, for which a plan was forwarded to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of public works, should be defrayed from the vote "for tool and apparatus" of this department.

As the amount of this vote is sufficient to bear also the expense of 68£ for the above purpose, I humbly solicit, that you will be pleased to sanction the proposed arrangement.

I have the honor to be,


your most obedient and humblest servant

Ferd. Mueller,

Director of the bot Gardens


The Honorable the Chief Secretary

&c &c &c2

either2 over3, or, 3 over 2. The file dates this letter as 20 March, registered in the Chief Secretary's Office on 30 March.
M's request was approved and the Commissioner of Public Works was informed of the decision on 16 April. In reply he forwarded a £32 10s account for the Botanic Garden's propagating frames on 5 June (E58/5060, unit 745, VPRS 1189, PROV).

Please cite as “FVM-58-03-20,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 26 October 2021,