To John O'Shanassy   27 January 1859

Melbourne bot. & zool. Garden,

27. Jan 1859.


I have the honor to inform you, in reply to your communication of the 26 inst.,1 that with the concurrence of the zool. Gardens Committee2 it was arranged, to put the Alpacas after their arrival into the reserve of this garden and to have them supervised by some youth during the days and locked up in a stable, built for their reception, during the nights, if this proposition should be sanctioned by your approval.

I have the honor to be,


your most obedient servant

Ferd. Mueller


The honorable the Chief Secretary

&c &c &c3

J. Moore to M, 26 January 1859.
At a meeting of the Committee appointed for administering the Zoological Gardens held on 26 January 1859, M was 'desired to recommend to the Hon: the Chief Secretary to defray the amounts yet required for settling the respective accounts from the vote of purchase of animals and to communicate that preparations had been made for the reception of the Alpacas'.

O'Shanassy approved of M's arrangements on 31 January, and asked that the Alpaca fund committee be informed of them.

See also J. Moore to M, 1 February 1859.

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