To John O'Shanassy   23 March 1859

Melbourne botanic and zoologic Garden,

23. March 1859


I have the honor of submitting for your approval the payment of the byefollowing account, incurred for plants imported from England.1

According to the offical routine of the treasury it would be the simplest arrangement, if the money was obtained by myself for Messrs Rollison and the payment effected through the Union Bank. I can then adjust the account before the end of the year.

I have the honor to be,


your most obedient servant

Ferd. Mueller


The hon. the Chief Secretary

&c &c &c2

See W. H. Rollison & Sons to M, 15 January 1859.
On 11 April 1859 the Under Secretary, J. Moore, asked the Treasurer 'whether this amount might not be paid to Dr Mueller and as evidence of his having remitted it to W. H. Rollisson & Sons then be annexed to the a/c'. The Under Treasurer,E. Symonds, replied on 15 April: 'The honorable the Treasurer has approved of the course as afore described being adopted returned to the Honorable the Chief Secretary'.

Please cite as “FVM-59-03-23b,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 20 September 2021,