To Frederick McCoy   22 June 1859

Melbourne bot & zool Garden,

22. June 59

My dear Prof M Coy

I beg to send you 124 sp. of plants for your class ground1 to begin with, vize

Thalamiflorae 23 spec.

Calyocflorae 48 =

Carolliflorae 34 =

Monochlamys 11 =

Monocotyledonae 8. =

It will be best not to send too many at a time, until you have disposed of these.

There are also some hundred additional spec. ready for your herbarium, but they require to be glued up, for which there will be not time in my office until the planting season is over. If you can manage to have them glued up in the Museum, I can send them at once.

The Cuttings of Saxe-Gothaea &c are not yet sufficiently grown to be delivered.

In regard to your flattering reference about bot. lectures in future to be perhaps delivered by me at the University, I would clearly state, that as my duties are already multifarious, I will rather promote and never hinder Mr Ralf2 to undertake this duty, if you not wish to retain the bot. lectureship yourself. I think however that Mr Ralf will have plenty of work for the museum, and by teaching the use of the microscope.

Pray sign the documents enclosed.3

Thanking you for the kind regard to me as far as my frail health is concerned

I remain, dear Sir,

your attached

Ferd Mueller.


I suppose you noticed the description of the M'Coya in N5 of my Fragmenta sent to you?4









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