To Charles La Trobe   16 August 1859

Melbourne bot. & zool Garden

16 Aug 1859

My dear Mr LaTrobe

Since your departure from us I bore always your request in mind, of furnishing you with a specimen of the genus Latrobea, established by Prof. Meisner, but was not able to do so until now, when our collector sends for the first time the Latrobea genistoides from W. Australia. I feel confident, altho' I have seen no specimens of it, that the Latrobea Brunonis Meisner is nothing but a meagre desert form of L. genistoides1

My work on the plants of Victoria, which you, much beloved Sir, so kindfully & generously initiated, is now under the press and many beautiful illustrations for it are prepared. My multifarious duties do not render it possible to make much rapid progress with it, yet I hope, si fata velint2 —, to send you the first fascicle before the end of the year.3

Our mutual venerable friend, Sir William Hooker, takes in my labours as lively an interest as ever.

Wishing with your numerous friends here you all prosperity I remain, dear & esteemed Sir, your always


Ferd. Mueller.


C. J. Latrobe Esq. C.B.

&c &c &c


Latrobea Brunonis

Latrobea genistoides

MS annotation: 'The letter to be returned with the annexed discription of the genus.'
if the fates allow.
M's hopes were not realised; the work was not published until March 1862 (see B62.03.03).

Please cite as “FVM-59-08-16,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 21 September 2021,