To Jonathon Were   16 September 1859

Melbourne bot. & zool Garden,

16 Sept 59.

My dear Mr Were.

I would be glad, if I could obtain these authorities soon, as I am very anxious about building the tanks at once before the summer commences.1

Could it not be arranged, that I enter into the contract for them myself, without troubling the office of public works, where unavoidable delays will arise in the execution of the work? The tanks would cost each less than £50[.] Pray let me know as soon as you can, that I may shape my course accordingly. Likewise would I wish to have the authority of directly expending the £195 for part of this sum will be wanted for a small eagle house, some other small stables &c, which it would cause much delay to have built by the tender system

The sums of £1420 of £50, of £140 & of £195 are according to my books consuming the rest of the respective votes for 1859.

yours very regardfully

Ferd. Mueller.

See also M to J. O'Shanassy, 16 September 1859 (in this edition as 59.09.16a).

Please cite as “FVM-59-09-16c,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 23 October 2021,