To John Macadam   4 January 1860


Dear Dr M'Adam

Will you kindly issue an order for fifty copies of the IV, vol of the transactions to be delivered to me by Mr Detmoldt,1 as I have a capital opportunity of distributing them in Europe & America, if I can get them before Friday evening. I was too busy to be able to attend the meeting to day.

yours very regardfully

Ferd. Mueller


The byefollowing volumes arrived to night in my seed box from Hamburgh. Pray let the donation at once be entered in the next programme2 also my fragmenta No 10.3

Transactions of the Philosopical Institute of Victoria , Volume 4, 1860. The volume could not have been ready by 6 January 1860 since it contains details of, and papers read at, the meetings of 9 and 23 January 1860; it was eventually issued in June 1860 (see M to J. Milligan, 19 June 1860). William Detmold was the Institute’s bookbinder.
At the Society’s meeting on 9 January 1860, the donations recorded included Parts 1-12, January-December 1858, of Zeitschrift für die gesammten Naturwissenschaften , from the editors (G. Giebel and W. Heintz) ; the first and second parts for 1858 of the G ö ttingen publication Bibliotheca historico-naturalis physico-chemico et mathematica , from the publishers (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht); and Nos. 9 and 10 of M’s Fragmenta phytographiae australiae , from the author. See Transactions of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria , vol. 4, p. xxxiv .

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