To John Macadam   16 January 1860


Dear Dr M'Adam

Increased business for the mail & engagements in issuing my annual report1 this week, render it impossible for me to attend at the Council Meeting this day. I would be glad, if my collegues would agree to call a Special general meeting for Monday next, to announce the alteration of title and to receive the postponed paper.2

Dr Becker will give notice of motion in regard to the printing of the Diploma. Our friend Prof. Irving I presume has placed the transactions for sale into a Booksellers hands, otherwise perhaps the Council would perhaps order the measure carried out through you, as it is a mere [...]3 work, which your assistant could well enough perform. I would however not like, that I give therewith any offence to Prof. Irving, but I think early arrangements might better our financial affairs.

I will be happy to attend at the Resource Committee towards the end of the week, if you will kindly call it for reporting progress.4

I forgot the date, when the meeting of the subscribers for the expl. fund is to take place. Would you be so kind to let me know through Mr Kirkland.

I sincerely hope, that poor Nisser's paper will not be rejected!5

yours with esteem

Ferd. Mueller


There can be no objection to go to the Ballot of the new ordinary members at the Monday meeting.6 I am ready to answer his Excellencys letter if the council agrees, but you must let me know early tomorrow, otherwise it will be too late for the mail.7

M to W. Nicholson, 12 January 1860.
The meeting of 23 January to announce the approval of the title Royal Society of Victoria was also the inaguration meeting for the Hall of the Society. M presented an address, B60.06.02, and two other papers were read, their text being included in vol. 4 of the Transactions of the Philosopical Institute of Victoria, published in June 1860.
In response to a request from the Society of Arts in London, the Philosophicl Institut of Victoria had established a committee to report on the resources of the colony. M was chairman of the committee. The committee’s report was included in vol. 4 of the Institute’s Transactions, published in June 1860.
Pedro Nisser had read his paper at a special meeting of the Philosopical Institute of Victoria on 9 January 1860. It was published as part of the Minutes of the special general meeting of the Institute held on 9 January 1860; see Nisser (1860b).
No new members were elected at the meeting on 23 January 1860.
See M to H. Barkly, , M to Duke of Newcastle, both 17 January 1860.

Please cite as “FVM-60-01-16a,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 28 November 2021,