To Joseph Hooker   24 January 1862


Dear Dr Hooker.

I am very much delighted with the prospect of securing Nuphar, Papyrus &c for our garden through your great kindness & liberality, also much grateful for your goodness of sending us an addition to the supply of seeds &c which we so bountifully received from you.

I will fully report on them when arrived. I am sadly in arrear with making you sendings. I had to push the first vol of the plants of Victoria1 through the press, involving much tedious original research.

The unfortunate Exploration affairs called me also away from my regular duty & so did the Exhibition2 But after issuing now my annual report3 I shall be able to go on regularly as I do not intend to travel this summer for any length of time.

I had the Villaresia from Mr Moore & directed his attention to it as a new & rare & interesting plant. I did not know where to put it altho Bursinopetalumought to have told me.

I gladly avail myself of your offer to secure out of the good Prof Henslows relics the following works for my private library.4

The others I already possess.

ever dear Dr Hooker



Ferd Mueller[.]


I hope Coccoloba platyclada will ere long flourish with you. It strikes with the greatest readiness, so that the plant will now no doubt soon be in all gardens conservatories.



Coccoloba platyclada




M was a member of the Exploration Committee of the Royal Society of Victoria; he was involved in the organization of the Burke & Wills Exploring Expedition, 1860-1, and gave evidence to the official inquiry into the disastrous outcome of the expedition. He was also a Commissioner for the Victorian Exhibition of 1861.
The list of books cannot be found. See also M to J. Hooker, 25 March 1862 (in this edition as 62-03-25e).

Please cite as “FVM-62-01-24c,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 25 January 2022,