To William Pamplin1    26 September 1862

Melbourne bot Garden


Dear Mr Pamplin

I am already in possession of the two cases with books, which you were good enough to forward to me pr "Kooria Mooria" and which arrived in excellent order. I was particularly pleased with the nice copy of the transactions of the L. S.2 — Be so good to tell Dr Hooker, that I would rather see the item for the library of the annales des sciences naturelles transferred to my account.

I have sent a copy of my letter of remonstrance to Mr Th Anderson of Edinburgh by this mail.3 I hope the result will be that he will place soon fund at your command and if you can bring some little pressure to bear on him I should feel obliged. If we utterly fail I must soon send you a draft.

A copy of bill of loading of the 3 cases pr "Monravian" is enclosed.4 Will you be so kind to forward the cases to their respective adresses and charge me with expenses. I have also to trouble you with the distribution of transactions of our R.S.,5 which Dr Hooker will place in your hand for the purpose. Any expenses connected with the distribution will be repayed by me.

Should a cheap copy of Backhouses travels in Australia turn up, also of Sturts Central Australia, I would be obliged for your securing it for me.6

What is the price of Rees cyclop?7 I mean the obsolete work, in which Sir James Smith furnished botanical notes. The new vol. of D.C. prodromus8 & of the Hook & Benth Genera,9 I should like to have by mail, if not already sent.

Very regardfully


Ferd Mueller


I would like much that you purchased for me the volumes of the L.S. transactions after vol. xx. I have the third part of vol xxii and the first part of vol xxiii. To some of the wanting numbers I am entitled as a member or fellow.

Pray do no forget to obtain for me regularly the main volumes of R. Geog. Soc.10

MS black edged.
Linnean Society, London.
Letter not found. Pamplin's accounts show that two Bills of Exchange (£80 and £45) drawn by Thos Anderson Esq on the National Bank of Scotland, Ed [Edinburgh?] were 'dishd' [dishonoured?] (RBG Kew, Archives, Pamplin, transactions and acccounts).
Bill of lading not found.
Royal Society of Victoria.
Backhhouse (1843); Sturt (1849).
Rees (1802-20).
A. P. de Candolle (1824-73).
Bentham & Hooker (1862-83).
Royal Geographical Society, London.

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