From Joseph Hooker   24 December 1862

Decr. 24/62

Dear Dr Mueller

I write a few lines to thank you again for the 2d & 3d of exchanges, first duly received & acknowledged some weeks ago.1 Pamplin has also written in your name that the binding bill should be transferred to your acct. if your Establishment pays. I can have no objection to this as it was a private affair between you & Henslows family so far as I was concerned, I was most anxious that you should not think the lot a shabby one!2

I am now doing Combretaceae, having just begun, & find little novelty except your fine thing which I have not looked at yet but which I cannot doubt is a noble & excellent good genus, I am glad you have described it — the Fragmentum with it has not come to hand yet.3

I am sending you some good odds & ends of duplicate plants through Pamplin which will I hope prove useful to you. Bentham will arrange about copies of Gen. Plant.4 I have made a frightful blunder in Zieria where I say "Australiae tropicae & subtropicae orient. incolae"5 — for tropicae read temperatae of course. Bentham is working desperately hard on the Flora.

My Father is remarkably well, as busy as ever with his Ferns, I with Welwitschia 6 & "Genera Plantarum" — he is counting on the unrivalled wood of Victoria from the Exhibition.7

Ever dear Mueller most ty yrs

Jos D Hooker


Col. Munro, writes me word that the exquisite grass you wrote about & enclosed8 (like a Lappago) is a totally new form of Panicum for which he proposes the mss name pachy[g]luma but he does this in ignorance that you will probably publish it (he will not so there is no fear of your clashing.) I am writing to him & will tell him you will publish it under what name you think proper in the Fragmenta probably.9 - I have not hunted for it through the Herb. but could not find it in Panicum or Paspalum.




Panicum pachygluma




The boxes of Herbarium specimens sent to Kew for Bentham’s use while writing Flora Australiensis. See J Hooker to M, 11 April 1862.
M was purchasing some items from the library of J. S. Henslow, and Hooker arranged with M’s agent, Pamplin, for a run of journals to be bound; see J. Hooker to M, 11 April 1862.
Macropteranthes leichhardtii (B62.09.01, p. 91), see M to G. Bentham, 24 September 1862. Hooker was the author of the Combretaceae in Bentham & Hooker (1862-83), vol 1, pt. 2, pp. 684-90.
Bentham & Hooker (1862-83).
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See J. Hooker to M, 20 September 1862.
That is, to receive for Kew the woods exhibited at the London International Exhibition 1862. See M to W. Hooker, 20 December 1862.
See J. Hooker to M, 20 September 1862.
M published the grass as Panicum munroi (B66.12.04, p. 204).

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