From Joseph Hooker   2 December 1863

[Kew Dec. 2 18631


Asks about Augustus Oldfield — information. "I have plenty always to say to you but no time to say it now." — Wants terrestrial orchids. — tubers in the dry season Bulbs of all kinds acceptable Sir John Lubbock thanks M. for information supplied about natives.]

Daley's reading of the date is doubtful. Hooker asked for information about the Aborigines in J. Hooker to M, 19 September 1864, and thanked M for it in J. Hooker to M, 19 February 1875. The anthropologist John Lubbock only became Sir John on the death of his father on 20 June 1865, while he published his principal work on 'the natives' in 1870.

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