From Joseph Hooker1    19 March 1864

Kew March 19/64.

My dear Dr Mueller

I am still very busy with the New Zealand Manual, of which 190 pages are in the press, & I hope to publish Part I Phaenogameae, in the course of a month or so.2 I hope I have not omitted any species that you have described. I have hunted through a vast number of Transactions & Journals to obtain all I can.

I am glad you were pleased with the notice of the Flora Australiensis in the Natural History Review, we are doing all we can to make it a first-class scientific periodical3

My father is extremely well & has just commenced a "Synopsis Filicum"4 to be completed in one volume. Bentham is plodding away daily from 10 –3 pm at the "Flora Australiensis". he is happy in being able to work daily without interruption of any kind.

The Genera Plantarum5 goes on very slowly. I have been 3 months at Melastomaceae & not done 1/4 of them — they are dreadfully messed by Naudin.6

Thomson is working at the Flora Indica, which I hope to join in before long.7 — he is only at Anonaceae as yet.

Ever my dear Mueller

most sincerely yr

J D Hooker




MS black-edged; Hooker's daughter Maria had died on 28 September 1863.
J. Hooker (1864 -7), pt 1, was published on I July 1864 (TL2). See J. Hooker to M, 19 September 1864.
See M to J. Hooker, 24 January 1864 (in this edition as 64-01-24a). The review was included in a general discussion of the Colonial Floras project, Natural History Review , vol 3, 1863, pp 497- 507. (For the failure of the Review in 1865, see DeArce (2012).)
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