To Tharp Girdlestone   20 May 1864

Melbourne, botanic Garden


My dear Dr Girdlestone1

Mr Lane2 desired me to send the plants intended for the Ararat Cemetery to you. The 2 cases now forwarded contains 400. miscellaneous carefully selected plants, and should these not prove sufficient for the ground prepared for the reception of plants this season I can send more Cypresses & some other plants suitable for burial places. It would however be then well, that the precise number of plants needed should be stated & if possible obtained any morning at 9 within the next two weeks at my nurseries.

Our plants of N. Zealand flax did not produce seeds this year; but I have sent some plants in the collection now forwarded to you.

With kind regards


Ferd. Mueller


Will you kindly urge that the plants are unpacked & planted as early as possible.3

Girdlestone was MLA for Ararat in the Victorian Parliament.
D. J. Lane, Town Clerk of Borough of Ararat, Vic.
On the reverse of this letter is a note from Girdlestone to Lane, dated 20 May 1864: 'I received this morning two large boxes for the Cemetery from Dr Mueller, what is to be done with them? They will soon be good for nothing if not planted. I forward his note — on other side.’

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