To Thomas Anderson   24 February 1865


Dear Dr Anderson.

The enclosed letter explains itself.1 Can you kindly advise, whether we should apply to any one, known to you as reliable for effecting the purchases. If I was free to act, I would ask Mr Butler; for I have had a very pleasing and advantageous communication with that Gentleman for a series of years & he showed himself always most zealous kind & generous.2 But as some misunderstandings seem to exist between Mr Butler & the Acclimation Society,3 I think it will be better, that the commission should devolve on some other Gentleman.

I would ask, whether the field seed[s], forwarded several months ago through Messers Law Summers & Co. from here arrived safely? Being to some extent responsible for the arrangements I am eager to hear of the safe receipt of the large consignment.

I have sent by this mail to you some few kinds of Pine seeds. My foreign trees are not bearing and of native ones we have only Callitris & I have no access to Araucaria ranges1000 miles from here at a frightful expense. The Eucalyptus seeds I rather enclose in the letter.

Eucalyptus plants must be transferred from pots or sown where they are to remain. I shall look forward gratefully to the Sikkim pine seed[s], you kindly gathered. We never can get too many of them in this country. I shall send you a share of our seed harvest when done.

With friendship


Ferd Mueller





Enclosed letter not found.
No correspondence between M and H. L. Butler in Calcutta has been found.
See G. Sprigg to H. Butler, 25 May 1864 (in this edition as M64-05-25).

Please cite as “FVM-65-02-24d,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 23 October 2021,