To Thomas Anderson   25 April 1865


My dear Professor Anderson

Your kind letter of 22 january is still unanswered before me.1 That Coniferous seeds are a great boon I need not repeat. I have now in a reserve adjoining the garden 12,000 Conifers established, and the Himalaiansare predominant among them thanks to the kindness of my Indian friends. I must endeavour to send you some seedlings of Araucariae I have here as soon as a good opportunity arises. I think it can only be done by sailing vessel with any chance of success. If these seed-boxes will safely travel you would be easier in quantity be2 supplied. Araucaria Cunninghami seeds will not travel like those of A. Bidwillii, and it seems also to be impossible to send those of A. excelsa with any chance of success. Your elaborations of Acanthaceae3 must finally lead to something excellent. The order has furnished nothing new in collections recently received, though I have got much of Indian type from Rockingham Bay4 (Hugonia, Tetracera, Ligustrum, Drymispermum, Coelospermum, Timonius, Elaeagnus, Gouania &c &c) I am sadly in arrear with my distribution of specimens; but you must have still a little patience with me. Personally I have for a good while past been unable to collect anything & the movement for poor Leichhardt5 has left me no leisure since christmas last.

From your worthy father6 I have a letter by last mail.7

I trust that the dreadful destruction in your garden leaves you not courageless, & that in your zealous work for reestablishing you will be well supported.8

Most regardfully


Ferd. Mueller


Araucaria Bidwillii

Araucaria Cunninghami

Araucaria excelsa









Letter not found.
be repeated.
Anderson (1864).
Ladies' Leichhardt Search Committee.
Thomas Anderson, Secretary of the National Bank of Scotland; see Balfour (1870), p. 41.
Letter not found.
See Gardeners' chronicle, 14 January (p. 31), 11 February (p. 123); 4 March (p. 196) and 16 December 1865 (pp. 1177-8) for accounts of the damage sustained by the Calcutta Botanic Gardens in the cyclone of 5 October 1864.

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