To Thomas Anderson   24 April 1866



I can assure you, dear Dr Anderson, that I am deeply indebted to you for your circumspect liberality in continuing to send me the seeds of your noble firs & cypress pines. How we used them will to some small extent be explained by my gardenplan sent to you.1 There is an endless demand here for the noble conifers of your mountains. I wished, it was possible to get acorns of any of your oaks. I have a good lot of mediterranean Quercus & some of the N. American species, but beyond one imported plant of Q. lanata (from Europe imported!) not a single specimen of the 150 spec. of Asiatic Oaks, all of which would thrive in our climate. I have sent by the P. & O. S. N. Company's2 Steamer just now 3 collections of Austral seeds & besides a lot of Eucalyptus seed of different kinds, which will be useful in the hilly cold districts Pray send it to your commilitones,3 who so kindly exerted themselfes to get us the pine seeds, & who likely are willing to send us acorns in quantity. The latter I find travel best when well dried of exterior moisture & then simply put in canvass bags, admitting of the escapeof any exudating humidity. I have sent to the Agri-Hort. Soc of Calcutta through the Acclim. Soc of Vict. & by the P. & O S. N. Comp. Ship a case of Araucaria excelsa & A. Bidwillii as desired.

Mr Blech[yden] might assist in sending Acorns here. Will you kindly ask that Gentleman?

If you desire it, I will send you one or two cases of Araucaria also, though my sendings of living plants have been often disheartening unsuccessful

Ever your regardful

Ferd. Mueller


Can I be of any use to any of your scientific unions?


Araucaria Bidwillii

Araucaria excelsa


Quercus lanata

A copy of the map of the gardens is included in B65.10.01.
Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.
i.e., comrades in arms.

Please cite as “FVM-66-04-24,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 23 October 2021,