To Thomas Anderson   28 June 1866


Dear Doctor

I have sent by this months mail to you seeds of 10 species of Eucalyptus & of 30 spec of Queensland plants1 I also have taken the liberty to enclose a parcel for Dr Henderson2 for the Agri–Hort. Society of Lahore

Your regardful

Ferd Mueller


Without wishing to be immodest I would mention that I have of all Indian Bambusaceae only Bambusa arundinacea which when once established under glass is quite hardy here. Could you cause a case to be filled with a collection of all Bambusaceous species? It would be splendid for lining the margin of my new Lake. Of spices we have scarcely any & though they will not endure our climate, it would be interesting to have them represented in my houses. Have you Manihot usitatissima?3 Of Indian Oaks I have only one from Europe imported specimen of Quercus lanata. How are acorns in quantity to be procured? Isonandra Gutta is also still wanting in our collection & the true Assam tea. So also Prangos pabularia and the Mountain Rice and all the Indian Willows and even Indigofera tinctoria4 The enormous work of repairing flood-damage & then to make the excavations during a season of unexampled drought withdrew me from the herbarium; but you will have your due share of plants.


Bambusa arundinacea



Indigofera tinctoria

Isonandra gutta

Manihot usitatissima

Prangos pabularia

Quercus lanata

Letter not found.
Probably George Henderson.
Manihot utilissima?
The Calcutta Botanic Garden was acknowledged as a donor of growing plants in M’s next report on the progress of the Melbourne garden (M to J. Grant, 14 September 1868), but without any details as to species.

Please cite as “FVM-66-06-28a,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 21 September 2021,