To Thomas Anderson   28 November 1866


Dear Doctor

I am indebted to you for a noble collection of cryptogamous plants received by last mail & exceedingly valuable to my Museum, where but little of those groups of plants from India exists.

I will seize the first opportunity to furnish a reciprocate.

The Exhibition duties1 for many months past have not allowed me to work on plants, but as I have to send to England my material for the 4 vol. of the Austr. flora,2 I shall separate duplicates for my friends & for the supporters of my institution What number of specimens does approximatiously your museum of dry plants contain? To show at least my good will I have send a small lot of seeds in tripl[o] to you by this mail. I am doing well with the Cinchonae raised from seeds & intend to transfer them to the moist palmtree vallies of East Gipps Land.3 I have recommended experimental culture of them in the sheltered glens of the Mediterranean.

Accept my best thanks for all the valuable seeds. At the coming seedharvest here your institution shall not be forgotten.

your regardful

& grateful

Ferd. Mueller


I will send you the three species of Calamus known from East Australia. Others are likely to be found yet.

Cryptomeria seeds here abundantly already4





Intercolonial Exhibition of Australasia, Melbourne, 1866-7.
i.e. Bentham (1863-78), vol. 4.
The sentence is a marginal note on the back of the first folio of the letter.

Please cite as “FVM-66-11-28,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 21 September 2021,