To Thomas Anderson   25 March 1867


Dear Prof Anderson.

I have sent you a Case full of Araucaria by this months mail, all fine strong plants. I only trust the people will not toss them about. At the whole I am very disheartened to send living plants over sea. Have you Euryale ferox in seed. I should like it so much for my Victoria regia tank. Your success with the Cinchona is glorious. I am trying now what I can do with them in our fern tree gullies. By this mail you will receive also again seeds for the Indian Highlands e.g. = for Dr Cleghorn 18 sp. of tree seeds in larger lots; for Dr Henderson seeds of all kinds of Eucal, 2 Casuar, & miscell trees, & a similar lot for yourself. I have taken also the liberty of sending a large lot of seeds to you for Mr Tyesmann1 of Buitenzorg,2 anticipating that you maintain a close communication with that Gentleman We have no direct [quick]3 communication. Should you have any expenses from this mediation of the transit you must let me know.

Ever your regardful

Ferd. Mueller.






Euryale ferox

Victoria regia

Now Kota Bogor, Java, Indonesia.
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