To Thomas Anderson   30 May 1867



This day, dear Prof Anderson, I have shipped to you [pr]1 "Medusa"a case [fu]ll of strong plants [of] Araucaria ex[ce]lsa free of freight [by the] kindness of the [Ca]ptain. Pray return the case filled with [sp]iceplants, Siphonia [el]astica, Dryobalanops [C]amphora, Isonandra [gu]tta, Theobroma Cacao and any other [preeminently]2 useful plant.

Your regardful

Ferd. Mueller


I was exceedingly glad to receive the large lot of plants you so generously sent for my State Museum through Mr Kurz. I have shipped to you by this months mail two collections of seeds, chiefly from tropical Australia, in all 82 species I sent also for your Cinchona shelter 2 sp of Eucalyptus in good quantity of seed[.]

I am ornamenting my Lake, for which purpose any Bambusaceae would be a real boon, as I have only B. arundinacea. In my Victoria House I have not yet Euryale


Araucaria excelsa

Bambusa arundinacea







Isonandra gutta

Siphonia elastica

Theobroma Cacao

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