To Thomas Anderson1    18 July 1867


My dear Professor

By the Underley2 I have sent you a case with strong Araucarias. Should they safely arrive place a few into a case you may send to Buitenzorg,3 as I am rather in Mr Tyesman’s4 debt. The excellent Pine seeds from Dr Henderson arrived. A splendid gift. I send you seeds by this mail. Have you received all the parcels regularly forwarded to you? Cinchona seeds will be always welcome. I should like though some passenger seeds of Barclaya & especially Euryale; also I should desire much any spice plants, except Cinnamon, & a plant of the two kinds of Sagus.

I would also ask for roots of any Bambusaceae (except Bambusa arundina[ce]a) to fring my garden lake[s].

By the kindness of the Agents of the Underley the case goes free of freight.

your regardful

Ferd. Mueller.








Bambusa arundinacea

Correspondent identified by archival location and content of letter (compare with M to T. Anderson, 24 May 1867).
White Star Line clipper ship that sailed from Melbourne for Calcutta in July 1867 (PROV: Index to Outward Passengers to Interstate, UK, NZ and Foreign Ports 1852-1886, accessed on-line 23 January 2008).
Now Kota Bogor, Java, Indonesia.

Please cite as “FVM-67-07-18,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 23 October 2021,