To John Smith1    22 April 1868

Melbourne bot Garden



In compliance with the wish expressed by you at my interview with the Health Committee of the City Council I have the honor to submit for the Committees consideration the following propositions.

1, That the land between the Yarra and suburban Railway from Princes bridge to Richmond be no longer let for grazing purposes with a view of effecting plantations thereon.

2, that no fence be put up along the River, in as much as such fence would be very unsightly and be certain to be washed away at the next flood.

3, that at each extremity of the ground at the Yarra a fallgate may be erected close to the river to prevent ingress of cattle.

4, that a man be placed occasionally there to sink holes, plant trees, form walks, earthseats and other improvements.

5, that all plants available for the purpose would be supplied from the botanic Garden.

6, that occasionally an officer of the Corporation attend at the Ground to drive off or impound cattle, goat or any other animals invading the ground.

I have the honor to be


your very obedient

Ferd. v. Mueller


J. Th. Smith Esq. Alderman & Chairman of the City Health Committee.2

See also E. FitzGibbon to M, May 1868 (in this edition as 68-05-00b).

M attended a meeting of the Melbourne City Council Health Committee on 22 April 1868 'and suggested to the Committee that the proposed fencing Yarra Bank Road as undesirable and unnecessary if the cattle were excluded from the Yarra Park. He offered his assistance in Superintending the planting of trees in that case, and also promised to furnish trees for the purpose; the Committee thanked Dr Mueller for his suggestions and offers of assistance.' (Unit 1, VPRS 4039, PROV).

M's letter was read at a meeting of the Melbourne City Council Health Committee on 30 April 1868 'objecting to the fencing of the Yarra bank road and suggesting that Cattle should be excluded from Yarra Park' (Unit 1, VPRS 4039, PROV).

Please cite as “FVM-68-04-22,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 17 September 2021,