To Joseph Decaisne   28 February 1869

Melbourne bot Garden,



I was happy, dear Prof Decaisne, to complete by a sending, made this mail to Mess. R. Gomer & Co. at Marseille, the copy of the fragmenta in your possession. I could not yet send the VI vol.; for altho' it was finished in December, the index will be printed only next month.

Accept my cordial thanks for your goodness in sending the seeds through Professor Lejourdan

I am glad you pointed out the shortcomings of my seed-department. I will endeavour to see them avoided. To Mons. Naudin some seeds are send by this mail. Others will be forwarded hereafter.

A copy of my brief report on the general vegetation of Australia1 shall be sent by next mail.

Thanking you, honored and learned Sir, for all attention I remain your very regardful

Ferd. von Mueller


Please cite as “FVM-69-02-28d,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 21 September 2021,