To Joseph Hooker1    17 April 1869

Sunday 17/4/69


I send, dear Dr Hooker, the bill of loading for Cases 51 & 52. The Anglesey went only yesterday, much later than anticipated. You have now 14 Cases of dry plants from me at Kew. By the time they are worked out, I shall have all the Monocotyledoneae in an equal state of forwardness.

I will send Lindberg my second copy of the Flora of Tasmania2 which I purchased when the work came out. It was not my wish to place you under any monetary outlay, but I thought you might have lying bye what he wanted.3 Let him do with the mosses the best he can. The more opinions thereon the better. That principle would hold good for lichens now a days as well.

Lindberg is a conscientious painstaking young worker, who promises well. He writes in Six languages! He visits Stockholm, whe[n] he is short of books and specimens.

I get the bot. Magazine regularly. It continues a noble work. But what will you do, should Fitch once be unable to work. I hope he is teaching an other artist to follow his steps.

Always your obliged

Ferd. von Mueller


MS annotation: 'And [July] [9th]'. See J. Hooker to M, 9 July 1869.
Hooker (1855–60).
See M to J. Hooker, 2 December 1868; Hooker’s response has not been found.

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