From Joseph Hooker   9 July 1869

July 9/691

My dear Müller

I write in haste by this mail, & chiefly to say that your assistant Theodore2 called 2 days ago on his way to Germany, having had his money stolen from him in Liverpool. I advanced the needful to him, & showed him the Gardens. I am so glad that he could bring good news of your health. I congratulate you heartily on C.M.G. which I saw advertized in the Gazette.3

I will send you the Bilbergias & other Bromeliaceae at once.

The Somersetshire has arrived with box 50 all safe in May.4

Lichens sent to Leighton with extracts from your letter.

Books sent as requested & parcels to Leyden &c &c5

Anglesey not arrived.6




MS embossed with seal of the 'Royal Gardens Kew'. Letter has no valediction.
Theodor Mueller; see M to J. Hooker, 6 September 1870. Wilhem Sonder also helped him when he reached Hamburg, see Wilhelm Sonder to Ferdinand Krauss, 31 July 1869.
See Queen Victoria to M, 24 April 1869; the appointment was announced in a supplement to the London Gazette, 1 July 1869. For Hooker’s lobbying for Royal recognition for M, see Lucas (2013a), p. 19.
Sent by M on 6 March 1869 (Notebook recording despatch of plants for Flora Australiensis, RB, MSS, M44, Library, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne).
See M to J. Hooker, 6 March 1869 (in this edition as 69-03-06a).
See M to J. Hooker17 April 1869 (in this edition as 69-04-17a).

Please cite as “FVM-69-07-09,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 20 September 2021,