From Joseph Hooker   24 November 1869

Nov. 24 /69

Dear Dr Mueller

I have yours of 6/9/691 together with Fragmenta for which very many thanks. I very much hope that the Bauhinia & Grevillea seeds will germinate. The Todea flourishes & will be a tremendous affair some 6 months hence.

I should extremely like to get more Tree ferns (not Dicksonia Antarctica)2 of which we have lots) in sawdust, with the fronds turned down on to the trunk

You are mistaken in supposing that I do not send duplicate seeds to Foreign Consulates &c &c &c. You have little idea of the time occupied by such distributions here; but the truth is that such things are not cared much about generally, & there are limits to unprofitable i.e. unremunerative exchanges to which I must keep. Time is money here as with you.

I send out all your duplicate seeds, but if I get no thanks nor return I do not see that I am much benefitted; but the contrary; for the same time & trouble spent in sending better things (that people do ask for) would yield us returns.

We have had Todea barbara from S. Africa for ages past — but it does not grow to the size of the Australian, which is a distinguishable variety in species according to some.

I send photographs herewith, the larger are from a Mr King who photographs here & is a collector of Photos — he begs any in return that you may be able to send conveniently.

I have corresponded in vain with Madeira & Teneriffe for seeds for years past. I commissioned Lowe3 & Consuls & others to collect or put me into correspondence. The Orotava Bot. Garden4 offers me Geraniums Verbenas, Daturas & such trash, cultivated for the gardens of Canaries, but seems to ignore the fine plants of the Islands. When Bourgeau & [Bolander] were there we secured lots of splendid things.

Ever most siny5 Yr

Jos D Hooker




Dicksonia Antarctica



Todea Barbara


M to J. Hooker, 6 September 1869.
Hooker has inserted a closing bracket in error at this point.
R. T. Lowe.
Tenerife, Canary Islands.

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