From George Bentham   20 January 1870


Jany 20 /70

My dear Sir

I should be much obliged to you to make the following alterations in the names I gave to two of your Trichinia1

What I named T. gracile, is I believe all T. fusiforme Br. I was at first disposed to unite the two under the name of T. gracile, but it appears that T. gracile is an annual with smaller flowers and the spike globular to the last and T. fusiforme has a perennial rhizome with larger flowers and the spike at length somewhat elongated.

T. carneum Moq. is T. Stirlingii Lindl. — the latter name must of course prevail

I enclose the bill of lading of the box of which I presume you have a duplicate from the agent or from Kew

I shall in a few days have another box packed[.]2 I am very anxious to get your specimens returned as early as possible for fear of mishaps and now that I have got into more bulky plants they will go faster. The Chenopodieae Amarantaceae etc took me a very long time. I have since done the Polygoneae in which I have had to reduce Meissner's species considerably for though a very careful observer he is rather apt to indulge in raising slight varieties into species For Laurineae Dallachy's Rockingham Bay specimens are most satisfactory[.] I have altogether without Cassyta 24 species viz Cryptocaryae 9, Nesodaphne 1, Endiandra 7, Cinnamomum 1, Tetranthera 4 and Litsaea 2 — I do not think that either Caryodaphne or Cylicodaphne can stand as genera. As to Cassyta it is difficult to make up one's mind about them probably Meissner's twentythree species must be reduced to four or five but I must go through them again.3 I shall then begin on Proteaceae which will conclude the 5th vol.

Much obliged for occasional notes and corrections recd by the two last mails4 — I put them all together for reference in case my life should be spared to complete the work and go into a Supplement.

I was much concerned to see in your letter to Dr Hooker that you had been subjected to annoyance in the attempt to place your botanic garden in other hands[.] I trust that the intention will not be carried out. In the interest of science that is your place and it seems to me that it would be as unwise as unfair to take it from you. But as with us our present financial administration is very antagonistical to science I suppose your colonial administration are also given to anti-scientific ideas.

I have got the MS of Vol 5 written out fair up to the Laurels and shall put it into the printer's hands early in Feby — I fear the printing will go on slower than usual. Reeve & Co have quarrelled with their excellent printers and new hands will be some time in accustoming themselves to my handwriting etc.

With every goood wish for the new Year believe me

Ever yours sincerely

George Bentham


Dr F Müller C.M.G &c




















That is, the names on the returned specimens.
editorial addition. All [.] in the following text have this meaning.
Bentham (1863-78), vol. 5, p. 309, listed 11 species.
Notes not found.

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