From George Bentham   17 March 1870



March 17 /70

My dear Sir

Enclosed is a bill of lading a duplicate of one I presume you will have received direct — for a box sent off a few days since containing all the Orders preceeding Proteaceae and I believe two or three parcels of Petrophila. I shall have another box packed in a few days. With an occasional interruption from the weather which with my sciatica has sometimes prevented my going out to Kew I have been progressing steadily in Proteaceae having now all but finished Persoonia. The having to analyse the flowers in almost every species takes some time yet Meissner's work1 facilitates it much. The thing I do not agree with him is in the number of species. Up to Persoonia inclusive he has 226 and I think that including the few new ones I have not quite 190

I send by this mail the first two sheets of the new volume2 — six more sheets are in type but I have not yet the clean proofs. The new printer appears to get through his work as well as the former one.3

Ever yours sincerely

George Bentham


Dr F. Mueller





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See G. Bentham to M, 20 January 1870.

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