From Joseph Hooker   28 March 1870

March 28/70

Dear Mueller1

Thanks for yours of 6/11/69 & 4/12. Thozet asks me to send you Artemisia Dracunculus of which I am trying to get seed for you

I sent you a bag of Argania seeds, it should be a most valuable thing for your Colony in droughts especially.

More big Todeas will be most acceptable — it is growing famously.

I am most anxious to know how the Nepenthes and the Sarraceniae got out

I will see about sending Aconite roots next winter2 — it is too late this spring — ask again by next winter for what you most want & I will send them in damp moss overland.

I have sent Eriophorum, Sagittaria, Butomus &c in the cases already.3

With regard to your animadversion on the Cape for not sending big Todeas,4 — they do not grow big there — we have had their state of the plants for 30 years in growth.

I can send you Cork plants in a Wards case, a little later it is too cold yet for Wards cases.

Sincerely Yr

Jos D Hooker




Artemisia Dracunculus





MS annotation by M: 'Pentzia virgata I have from McOwan'.
See M to J, Hooker, 14 August 1869 (in this edition as 69-08-14c).
See J. Hooker to M, 8 December 1869.
See M to J. Hooker, 6 November 1869 (in this edition as 69-11-06a).

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